Introducing the first 
view-through technology built for B2B

Find out how your digital channels are performing vs. the rest of the industry.

The Power of the First Pixel Built for B2B.

The Channel99 Pixel offers the only cookie-free technology to measure the efficiency of reaching your target accounts across different channels and vendors, including display, social, email and content syndication programs. Finally, you can compare audience reach, engagement, and financial influence on both pipeline and revenue in a consistent, apples-to-apples basis.

Pixel Implementation

Create unlimited custom pixels, each associated with a specific channel, vendor, and audience to place into your digital assets, including ads, social media, and emails, to track engagement across various channels and audiences effectively.

Intelligent Data Synthesis

Aggregate and analyze impression-level data from your Channel99 pixels, and combine it with first-party data from your website, CRM, and vendor spending, for a comprehensive understanding of your audience’s behaviors, regardless of whether they click on the related assets.

Empowered Decision-Making

Utilize advanced analytics to gain unbiased, comparative insights into your marketing investments, enabling informed decisions that enhance reach, engagement, and financial impact on your business targets.


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Verify and compare the performance of your digital programs with the first universal pixel for B2B ads, email, content syndication and more.

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Let’s face it, B2B marketers have been flying blind for way too long.

Channel99 unites marketing & finance teams to eliminate marketing waste and dollar inefficiencies, lower customer acquisition costs, and drive pipeline more predictably. With relevant contextual benchmarking data and collaborative tools to better measure and evaluate marketing – across all channels and vendors – you now have an unbiased source of truth to better evaluate your digital investments.

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Nearly 100 companies have already started using Channel99 to improve their marketing performance.

Whether your company is a fast-growing small business or a larger enterprise looking to eliminate inefficiencies, Channel99 can make an immediate impact.

Nick Panayi
CMO @ Inovalon
Channel99 gives my team a clear view of which marketing efforts actually drive quality traffic and, ultimately, the business outcomes we’re looking for.
Nicole Wojno Smith
VP of Marketing @
With C99, I can easily identify which vendors and channels are positively impacting our pipeline goals.
Steve Klei
CFO @ Clearstory
Finally, B2B technology with a financial lens to prove ROI, provide insight into business outcomes, and uncover what's really working for marketing spend.

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