Choosing the Right Attribution Model for Your Business

The first step to successful marketing attribution is understanding the importance of its role. The second step is determining the appropriate model for your business through an understanding of the pros, cons, and use cases for each.

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Top 3 Marketing Attribution Challenges

Before kicking off your marketing strategy, identify and address the top marketing attribution challenges. By doing so, you gain insight into how your marketing tactics are contributing to conversions.

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Marketing Metrics for the CFO

Chris Golec joins Ray Rike, Founder and CEO of RevOps Squared on the Metrics that Measure Up Podcast.

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Demand Gen Report
Channel99 Debuts With Free Mobile App

Klaudia Tirico, Editor of Demand Gen Report, shares her thoughts on the launch of Channel99.

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Channel99 will help marketers measure the performance of channels and vendors

A new company is seeking to meet the B2B attribution challenge, leading with a free mobile app.

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MarTech Solutions
Hear from MarTech Series about the launch of Channel99

MarTech Series shares the official launch of Channel99.

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