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A Conversation with Channel99 and Chris Golec

Hear from Channel99 Founder and CEO on how Channel99 got started and what the future looks like. Interview by Abby Miller, Editor of DMNews.

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Channel99’s innovative and free mobile app brings transparency to the quality of B2B website traffic across all digital channels.

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C99 B2B Marketing Platform
Once a Founder, Always a Founder

Hear from Founder and CEO, Chris Golec on why now and what the vision is for Channel99

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Direct Traffic Woes

The next wave of marketing measurement tools and attribution solutions have to address the challenges with misattributed direct traffic.

Beyond Account-Based Marketing

It’s time to look beyond ABM. The time has come to understand which vendors predictably impact desired business outcomes like influencing pipeline and closing deals.

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Hello Finance, Meet Marketing

It’s time to better integrate finance into the world of marketing and sales. Here is one simple way to start building a common language.

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