Channel99 announces verification pixel technology for B2B

The new platform will give B2B marketers visibility into performance across advertising, web, webinar, email, social and other channels.

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Channel99 Debuts Next-Generation Performance Marketing Platform to Reveal the True Financial Return of B2B Marketing

The new platform features the first universal B2B tracking pixel to bring transparency to the efficiency of B2B advertising, social, video and other popular channels.

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Finally! A Great Reason to Use a Sankey

Delve into the digital pathways of your marketing programs using the power of Channel99.

Budgeting For Success: Adopting a Question-Led Approach to B2B Planning

Read on for tips and tricks as marketers head into budgeting and planning season.

Not Another Buzzword: Revenue Marketing’s Surge in Popularity is Real

Learn how a thoughtful and effective revenue marketing strategy can boost revenue for your business.

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Marketing ROI: 3 Key Steps to Proving Marketing’s Impact

Proving ROI is critical to success. Following these three steps will help prove marketing ROI for the business.

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