Channel99 Debuts Next-Generation Performance Marketing Platform to Reveal the True Financial Return of B2B Marketing

The new platform features the first universal B2B tracking pixel to bring transparency to the efficiency of B2B advertising, social, video and other popular channels


SAN FRANCISCO (September 20, 2023) — Channel99, the pioneer in B2B performance marketing technology, today announced its next-generation platform for optimizing marketing investments and uncovering financial inefficiencies. The new solution features a revolutionary verification pixel created exclusively for B2B to make it possible for marketers to understand how well their programs are reaching, engaging and converting the accounts in their target markets.  The pixel provides B2B marketers with the first closed-loop view-through technology that can be applied to advertising, social, video, email, CTV and other channels.


“Combining the digital signals from our customers on and off our website with our investment data and financial outcomes in our CRM is brilliant,” said Nick Panayi, CMO of Inovalon. “I can finally understand the performance of a variety of vendors on a level playing field. Channel99 also made the right investments to make it possible for any new client to go live and realize benefits on day one.”


The First Verification Pixel Technology for B2B Marketing

B2B businesses spend $20 billion a year to drive digital engagement on the web through paid and organic channels, often making digital the largest portion of a marketing budget. However, digital marketing teams are plagued by misattribution. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of website traffic has an unknown source and is labeled “Direct” when it would be more accurately attributed to another channel and vendor. 


Channel99 offers the first universal verification pixel to make it possible for B2B marketers to understand how well their programs are reaching, engaging and converting the accounts in their target markets. By tracking the digital engagement of accounts both on and off the website with a 360-degree view of buyer engagement, Channel99 monitors “view-through” to reveal the patterns that lead to actual deals and brings transparency to the efficiency of B2B advertising, social, video and other popular channels. The pixel is also privacy-friendly and free of cookies or other personal tracking mechanisms. 


“It’s incredibly frustrating for advertisers, marketers and agencies to invest so much time and money into a multitude of programs, yet have so little proof to show that it is working,” said Chris Golec, Founder & CEO of Channel99 and previous Founder & CEO of Demandbase.  “Our new pixel technology was built for B2B and will finally bring the transparency, uniform KPIs and attribution the industry needs.” 


Channel99 was founded by Chris Golec in November 2022 and financed by leading venture capital firms including Jackson Square Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Ridge Ventures and Bloomberg Beta. Peter Thompson, co-founder of Bizible, joined Chris in February 2023, rounding out a deep bench of seasoned martech executives and engineers.


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