Becoming Financially Efficient in B2B Marketing

Performance Marketing Webinar Attendee

Discover how B2B performance marketing can make your organization more efficient!

B2B performance marketing is a data-driven strategy that enables marketers to predict outcomes by connecting channel performance to tangible business goals — no crystal ball needed.

Channel99 CEO and Founder, Chris Golec, sat down with Nicole Wojno Smith, VP of Marketing at Tackle.io and Nani Shaffer, CMO of Channel99, for a discussion on the current and future state of B2B marketing.

They dive into new ways to: 

  • Look at the financial efficiency of your vendors and channels, and compare your results to benchmarks
  • Dramatically increase the relevance of your channel attribution metrics by taking into account more than purely known activity
  • Predict – and impact – pipeline



Chris Golec
Founder & CEO, Channel99
Nicole Wojno Smith
VP of Marketing, Tackle.io
Nani Shaffer
CMO, Channel99