Becoming Financially Efficient in B2B Marketing

Tuesday, April 18 | 9am PT/12pm ET

Join us and discover how B2B performance marketing can make your organization more efficient!

If a magician tells you to pick any card, you shouldn’t be surprised when they correctly guess what it is. What if you could make the predictions in B2B marketing with the same level of accuracy?

B2B performance marketing is a data-driven strategy that enables marketers to predict outcomes by connecting channel performance to tangible business goals — no crystal ball needed.

Join Channel99 CEO and Founder, Chris Golec, as he sits down with Nicole Wojno Smith, VP of Marketing at Tackle.io and Nani Shaffer, CMO of Channel99, for a discussion on the current and future state of B2B marketing.

We’ll dive into new ways to: 

  • Look at the financial efficiency of your vendors and channels, and compare your results to benchmarks
  • Dramatically increase the relevance of your channel attribution metrics by taking into account more than purely known activity
  • Predict – and impact – pipeline



Chris Golec
Founder & CEO, Channel99
Nicole Wojno Smith
VP of Marketing, Tackle.io
Nani Shaffer
CMO, Channel99