Pioneering Change: ABM and the Role of Performance Marketing

Chris Golec and Nick Panayi speak at a MarTech event about the the evolution of B2B marketing, the tricky world of attribution, tackling the “dark funnel,” measuring marketing impact, and the importance of industry benchmarks.

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Marketing ROI: The Quick Start Guide to Proving Marketing’s Impact

Connecting marketing’s impact to business outcomes has never been more important. Read this ebook to understand how to measure ROI and optimize efforts.

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4 Steps to Developing an Effective Revenue Marketing Strategy

Learn the four steps to developing a successful revenue marketing strategy so you can ensure efforts that drive the business forward.

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Channel99 Debuts Next-Generation Performance Marketing Platform to Reveal the True Financial Return of B2B Marketing

The new platform features the first universal B2B tracking pixel to bring transparency to the efficiency of B2B advertising, social, video and other popular channels.

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Not Another Buzzword: Revenue Marketing’s Surge in Popularity is Real

Learn how a thoughtful and effective revenue marketing strategy can boost revenue for your business.

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$5 Million Raised to Power the Future of B2B Marketing

Hear from Chris Golec on what it takes to get ahead of the B2B marketing curve on the Category Visionaries podcast.

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