2024 B2B Marketing Resolutions We Might Not Abandon by February

It’s the time of year where we are thinking about resolutions in the new year. Here are a set of principles that will guide our decision making here at Channel99.

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$5 Million Raised to Power the Future of B2B Marketing

Hear from Chris Golec on what it takes to get ahead of the B2B marketing curve on the Category Visionaries podcast.

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Cultivating Company Culture In Critical Times

What does it take to build, grow and maintain a solid company culture? Hear insights from Channel99 CMO, Nani Shaffer.

Channel99: The Next Venture

Chris Golec joins the DealMakers podcast to discuss his next venture and his growing pains and triumphs that got him here today.

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Press Releases
Bizible Co-Founder joins Channel99 as CTO

Peter Thompson joins seasoned leadership team to scale new B2B performance marketing solutions

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Shooting for the Stars

Channel99 CEO and Founder, Chris Golec, shares his thoughts on why a people-first culture is critical to building a successful and sustainable company.

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