Demand Gen Report
Channel99 Debuts Verification Pixel To Create More Campaign Transparency

Demand Gen Report shares details on Channel99’s new verification pixel.

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MarTech Solutions
Hear from MarTech Series about the launch of Channel99’s new platform

MarTech Series shares the news about Channel99’s new platform.

B2B MarketingTechnology
Channel99 announces verification pixel technology for B2B

The new platform will give B2B marketers visibility into performance across advertising, web, webinar, email, social and other channels.

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Channel99: The Next Venture

Chris Golec joins the DealMakers podcast to discuss his next venture and his growing pains and triumphs that got him here today.

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The Secret To Financial Efficiency in B2B Marketing

Just why is B2B marketing so inefficient? Read on for insights.

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Don’t Squash the Second Pie: Rethinking Traditional Marketing Attribution Models

To truly understand the impact of our marketing efforts, we need to give both the campaign types pie and the sources pie the attention they deserve.

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